Polka dots and roses nail art designs

Polka dots and pink roses with green leaves is best nail art for summer season.

Polkadots and roses nail art designs

Polkadots and roses nail art designs

This is another simple, easy and unique stylish summer nail art design.

Step by step guide for Polka dots and roses nail art designs

– Partition your nail horizontally into two.
– Apply white base nail colour on one half and light pink base nail colour on 2nd half.
– Put big light pink dot/s on side but middle of the partitions. (Note: 1-2 or 3 big dots would be fine, depending how many roses you want to draw.
– Use dark pink nail polish to draw some rough incomplete lines to shape it like rose. (Each dot must be treated separately.)
– Use dark green, light green and brown nail polish colours to draw leaves.
– Draw a horizontal line with golden shining nail colour to make partitions clearer. (Be careful about roses. )
– On pink half, put some white polka dots and on white half, apply pink nail polish to put dots.
– Lock the design by applying transparent nail polish.
– all done!

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